How I Made $14.06 For Every Keychain I Gave Away [Tripwire Funnel]

Did I get your attention with that headline? I know I did else you won’t be reading this. So, In this blog post we are going to talk about Tripwire Funnels.

Tripwire Funnels:
A Tripwire is basically a low-value offer to get your customer into the funnel where you can upsell them more relevant products. The most popular ones are Free+Shipping or Penny+Shipping. Penny+Shipping outperforms Free+Shipping offer for us but in this case, Free+Shipping did the magic.

Before getting into more details I would like to tell you that we didn’t select because this is our best performing funnel, we definitely have way better performing funnels. But this is something which anyone of you can do even with the most basic skills. Let’s get started now.

What Did I Do?
This was a new niche and our Goal with this funnel to breakeven or in other terms acquire customers for free. I went on to AliExpress and found all the cool looking items for my niche. I started structuring my funnel in a way where I could place related products one after the other.

What Did My Funnel Look Like?
As always I used ClickFunnels to build all this. I didn’t really spend much time on this funnel as I was just testing waters in this new niche and wanted to get things live ASAP. I follow 80/20 rule, You can read more about it Here. So, This is how my funnel looked like:


>> Landing Page: We were giving away a beautiful Keychain here so We explained what the offer was on the landing page and asked for user’s email to move forward. We do test capturing email and not capturing one and in this capturing email helped us better. Our landing page converted at landing-page

>> Order Form: We had a very neat looking order form and the best part was the order bump. An Order Bump is the offer you make just above the buy button. So, We were charging people $5.97 shipping and we were giving them necklace of same design as Order Bump and charging $9.97 for that. You see profits? Our Order form converted at order-form

>> Upsell 1: Rule of thumb for upsells is you need to present this as if their order is not completed yet. We started with a mousepad related to our frontend offer but it was converting horribly for us. So, We moved on to a mug and it is converting well for us so far. We were charging $7.97 for the mousepad and now charging $14.97 for mug. Our Upsell 1 is something we definitely need to fix.upsell-1

>> Upsell 2: We were offering a car sticker as our second upsell and had decent results with this one. We are charging $6.97 for this sticker. Our Upsell 2 converted at upsell-2

>> Upsell 3: InsureShip: It is kind of mandatory upsell for us. Where user pays us to Insure Ship the product. We are charging $1.97 for InsureShip. This one is a no-brainer for everyone. It works like candies next to the cash counter when you go shopping. InsureShip converted likeupsell-3

>> Thank You: On this page we confirm their order and let them know if we have any other offer for them.

Let’s Dive Into Numbers:
I know you have been waiting for this. People love numbers. I will try to give you as much detail as possible here:

We spent $2141.44 to generate 7105 clicks and got 583 orders.
Total unit sold (given away) was 1104 keychains which ended up generating revenue of $6149.49. Our Earning Per Click is $0.87.

We spent $2141.44 to acquire 583 customers and generated revenue of $6149.49. Pretty good. Right?


Let me now show you what ClickFunnels Did for us:

We got 33 conversions on first upsell, 34 conversions on 2nd upsell and 37 conversions on 3rd upsell which ended up adding $803.88 to our initial revenue. Got that light bulb turned on? With few extra clicks and power of ClickFunnels you have generated $803.88 from the same number of customers and now our earning per click is $.97

Aren’t you forgetting something? ORDER BUMP.
21% People took the order bump which gives us the revenue of $1246.25 and now our earning per click looks like $1.16

So by simply using power of ClickFunnels you have increased your earning per click from $.87 to $1.16

Results: Our Average Order Value is $14.06 and we are spending $3.6 to acquire a customer which is pretty good. 37% of the revenue is our profit and this is one of the most stupidest funnel I have ever made. Keep it real simple and you will add few extra thousand dollars to your revenue by simply following what I did with ClickFunnels.

Once again if you want this exact funnel then sign-up for free 14 days trial of ClickFunnels under my referral and mail me at Honey@honeysyed.com and I will mail you a share URL of same funnel. You can change images and text and you are good to go.

A few people approached me who wanted my Funnel Share Link but were already using ClickFunnels so I had to refuse them as this Funnel Share Link is for my referrals only.

Good news is; I spoke to ClickFunnels support and they told me even if somebody is already using ClickFunnels they can still be a my referral. All they need to do is copy the email given below and send it to support@clickfunnels.com

“Hello Korbin,

I would like to change my referrer to #455682 . Please let me know if you need any more info.


Copy this and send it to support@clickfunnels.com and once you are signed up under me, mail me at Honey@honeysyed.com and I will send you my Funnel Share Link.

P.S. We tested 7 landing pages and 23 ad sets to figure out what works for us.

Keep Testing and Tracking.

7 replies
  1. Martin
    Martin says:

    Thanks for the great info…would you mind sharing where you got your traffic from?…Facebook I assume and what audience targeting you used for this…was it just an age and gender or did you look at people who associate with getting free stuff?…and lastly was Facebook ok with you advertising something for free when they paid shipping?

    • Honey
      Honey says:

      Hey Martin, We did use Facebook Ads and it was a niche related product so we targeted people who were spending money in that niche.

      Facebook is OK with this kind of offer if you are properly explaining what your offer is. We told them upfront that they need to cover the shipping.

  2. Martin
    Martin says:

    A few more questions…did you order the products from Ali express before you took orders from customers or only after…and did you then just order on Ali express and have them send direct to customer?

    With your FB adsets…what were you mainly testing in each one…was it different custom audiences based and what were they?…understand if this is something you don’t want to share but thought I would ask 🙂

    • Honey
      Honey says:

      I am not working alone. I own a company and have a team which does it all for me. The campaign I shared was setup by one of my team members and another team member took care of the orders and customer service part.

      As far as I am aware, they ordered products daily from AliExpress to customer.

      And we are testing different audiences in each ad set and different creatives in later stage.

      I was expecting more queries related to “Funnel Building” 🙂

  3. jake
    jake says:

    Can you show ad creatives and copy for these kinds of offers? Not necessarily your exact ads, not trying to out the niche here.


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