How to find exact products that will make you money?

To start with, I am not asking you to rely on this method alone. We do use multiple methods but this one is definitely our favorite and has given us multiple winners over the time. If you are trying to sell physical products using Facebook ads then I would highly recommend you to start with this method.

In this method, we are going to use a free tool Niche Miner. You can call Niche miner an advanced version of Facebook Graph Search. It gives you multiple options to filter out and find exactly what you need. But, it is a tool and a tool alone can’t make you money.

Tools do not make you money, strategies, and implementation do.

Niche Miner gives you some good ideas in site: dropdown and you can start there.

We take a different approach here. We take note of the kind of ad copies people use, events, buyers sharing keywords, popular platforms and URL shorteners and item type etc and combine them to find what we need (Hot Selling Products).

Here is a short categorized list to get you started:

Ad Copies:

Order Here

Shop Now:

Buy it here: —>

Event Based Keywords:

Stocking Stuffer
Father’s Day
Birthday Gift

Buyers Sharing Keywords: (My Favorite)

Popular POD Platforms:

Item Type:




URL Shortneres:

Now, we mostly look for recent video ads as we have made most of our money with video ads only. That is just me, you can select any of these given Post Types:

Same goes for the time option, We start with Today and if we don’t find something of our taste then we go down to other time options as shown below:

We combine two of our categories with post type and time and start taking notes of anything that is recent, has a lot of engagement and appeals to us:

Here is what we get when we combine Buyer Sharing Keywords with URL Shorteners for recent video ads:

You get the idea. You wouldn’t see only ads when doing this but will find some gold hidden in there. You can try going more specific by adding one more category to the combination but I prefer mixing up the two only and spend time in the feed scrolling.

That’s about it. Doesn’t matter if you own a store on Shopify or Woocommerce, If you build your sales funnel on Clickfunnels or you sell on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. If you are doing anything around selling physical products online, this method works. With some twists, this method will work in other business models too.

Ultimately it all comes down to your research and your willingness to succeed. I have tried to give you the basic idea to get you started with your product research but if you have any query, feel free to comment and let me know.


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