How I made $100 yesterday while I was sleeping

Step 1:

Find a product which is already doing well on Facebook, If you already have a winning product then you can use that too. If you don’t have one then follow what I did.

There are multiple ways to do it and we will cover this in detail in a different article. Let’s get started with one way;

We see a lot of ads all day long so just try and come up with some keywords used in those ads. Combine those words using social sleuth with popular URL shorteners like goo.gl or bit.ly. I hope you got the idea.

I used “Get yours here” and “Bit.ly“. This is How the URL looks like:

I found a product with great engagement, When doing this I basically look for at least 10k reaction or 3k shares or 2k comments or all of them. Here is what I found:

Step 2:

Now we have a winning product which we know is doing amazingly well. In this step, we will contact every possible Instagram influencer (someone with huge number of followers in your niche) related to our product. If you have a product in survival niche than you would contact profiles who are posting a lot of survival niche stuff. Makes sense?
Example: If you have a product in survival niche than you would contact profiles who are posting a lot of survival niche stuff. Makes sense?

We have got the best results with influencers with 100-500k followers. We use a message like “Hi there I love your IG page and was wondering if you would be interested in selling me a shoutout to your followers. I am the owner of STORE NAME and would love to get a shoutout from you. When is your next available time to post?Thanks”

So we contact them by Kik, mail and direct message and so far have received the best response with kik. For this product we already had an influencer with 800k+followers. We bought a post for 4 hours and paid $35 for it.
Note: I have been doing it for years and I have a good eye for finding influencers now due to my experience. You may not find similar deals because we have paid a few thousand dollars to this influencer in past and have been working with him for a long time.

Step 3:

We have a product which we know is going to sell well. We now have an influencer which is going to get us the traffic. So, it’s time to build a funnel.
You can launch it on your store too but I love funnels and use them for all the front-end traffic. You ask, why do I love the funnels?

Great question, Because funnels get us results like this

Funnel Results

We use ClickFunnels to build all our funnels. One of the features I love the most about ClickFunnels is it’s share URL thing. I can literally share the exact copy of funnel with you. You can swipe the images and a bit of copy and you have an amazingly converting funnel in your hands.

Want a copy of this funnel? Sign-up for ClickFunnels (Free Trial for 14 Days) under my referral and shoot me an email at Honey@honeysyed.com and I will mail you a copy of this funnel.
You can sign-up by clicking here => http://honeysyed.com/ClickFunnels

I was just testing this product so I quickly made a funnel where I had 4 pages:
1> Landing Page – We described the product, it’s benefits and features.
2> Order Form – We included an order bump where we were giving the same product in a different color for 20% off.
3> OTO 1 – We were upselling them Insured Shipping for $1.99
4> Order Confirmation Page – We were showing them their order info and other related products in their niche.


It’s showtime. We received 263 clicks and sold 12 necklaces to 8 buyers (1 of them bought a couple and 3 of them took the order bump). After cutting all the costs (Excluding Stripe Fee and conversion charges) we have made $101.35 in profit (3 people took OTO 1 too)

How will I increase my profits now?

We know this funnel works now so here are few things I would do to improve my profit on this funnel:
>> I will retarget these people on FB as 255 people have not bought from us.
>> I was not collecting email on front end else I could have emailed them different offers too. I would test this out too.
>> I didn’t have my abandoned cart sequence setup as this was a quick test, I will set-up my sequence too.
>> Currently I am buying these for $4.10 per piece. We can get the cost down and increase our profits.
>>I didn’t have more upsells setup, I will include more upsells in our next promo.


I didn’t do it right still I got almost 300% ROI. Put in some efforts and you will definitely make money with this one. I am not saying you will definitely make money on every launch, You will make some and you will lose some. It’s a numbers game, Cut the losers and grow the winners.

Once again, If you would like me to send you my funnel then sign-up on ClickFunnels ( Free Trial for 14 Days) under my Referral and shoot me an email at Honey@honeysyed.com and I will mail you a share url of the funnel.

Update: A few people approached me who wanted my Funnel Share Link but were already using ClickFunnels so I had to refuse them as this Funnel Share Link is for my referrals only.

Good news is; I spoke to ClickFunnels support and they told me even if somebody is already using ClickFunnels they can still be a my referral. All they need to do is copy the email given below and send it to support@clickfunnels.com

Hello Korbin,

I would like to change my referrer to #455682 . Please let me know if you need any more info.


Copy this and send it to support@clickfunnels.com and once you are signed up under me, mail me at Honey@honeysyed.com and I will send you my Funnel Share Link.

You can replicate this for any business, there is literally no limit with this method. Do share your thoughts in the comments and let me know how can I improve the content and what else would you like to know about?

Keep Testing and Tracking